Save Pigeon Hill

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“Pigeon Hill” consists of 63.9 acres of land in Bristol and Burlington adjacent to the Harry C. Barnes Memorial Nature Center. Part of the property is currently being leased to a horse boarding operation. The rest of the property is open space and serves to enhance the land currently owned by ELCCT. The land gets its name from reports that Passenger Pigeons, now extinct, once roosted in large numbers on the glacial esker that is located on both the existing nature center property as well as the Pigeon Hill property. The esker was formed by sediment brought in by a river under the glacier that remained when the glacier melted centuries ago, leaving a tall meandering ridge; a local landmark. The owners have informed us of their intentions to mine the glacial esker for sand and gravel followed by the construction of 161 housing units.

As of 9/30/2020, ELCCT has met their fundraising goal to purchase the Pigeon Hill property. Any additional donations after 9/30/2020 will be used to create wildlife habitats, trails, educational signage, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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